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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

BLOG TOUR - Eclipse by Dirk Strasser

Welcome to my blog tour stop for Eclipse by Dirk Strasser, the third installment in the Lost Book of Ascension!

Read an exclusive excerpt below

Eclipse – The Lost Book of Ascension

Can you see the story breathing?

What happens if the days keep getting shorter?
And shorter?
Until there is an eternal night?

What happens as the darkness grows?
And the creatures of dusk take control of the Mountain?
And the quest for the third Book is the only hope?

The Mountain is in its death throes as the Nazir send their wraiths to finish what the dusk-rats and grale had begun. Soon there will be no daylight to protect the Maelir and Faemir, and with each twilight there are fewer places to hide. Will the Mountain finally collapse under its own instability or will Atreu and Verlinden’s descent find the words of salvation in the Lost Book of Ascension?


Chapter One

‘Run,’ cried the Watcher. ‘They’re coming again.’
The cobblestones shifted under them and several of the soldiers lost their footing.
‘Run!’ cried the Faemir again, and Hrulth led the charge towards the Maelir stronghold. All around them, buildings were collapsing in the darkness. Cluric had sheathed his sword to allow himself to run more freely. Somehow he knew instinctively that if this came to a fight, he would be lost.
Horrific bellowing noises, which he knew from bitter experience were grale, filled the night sky. This time they were accompanied by a droning undercurrent that was totally unfamiliar. Cluric didn’t look back. He kept his eyes on the street, watching for the potholes and chasms that opened up in his path.
The Maelir barricades were in sight now. Cluric saw the torches burning in front of him. More bellows vaulted into the sky, and he felt his shoulder aching as he ran.
Not far to go, he muttered, as he felt himself dropping behind the others. Not far to go.
The street under his feet buckled and he fell.
‘Cluric!’ Hrulth called.
‘I’m all right. Go ahead.’ But Hrulth was already by his side, helping him up.
‘Are you hurt?’ asked Hrulth.
‘I think I bruised my knee,’ said Cluric, ‘but I can still put my weight on it. Come on.’
They dashed for the Maelir stronghold, aware that just behind them, Dusk creatures were pouring out of the ground and into the streets of Peleusar.
The rest of the patrol cheered as the pair finally reached the barricades.
‘You are fools,’ cried the Faemir Watcher. ‘This is only the beginning. Get the fires started. It’s the only thing that will stop them.’
Hrulth spoke frantically to the other battalion leaders and the orders to start fires were given.
As Cluric stared out into the blackness, he could see blood-red eyes moving like disembodied spectres through the alleys of Peleusar. The Faemir Watcher, the hated enemy, stood next to him, and he felt her fear.
‘You are the first Faemir I’ve ever seen who was afraid,’ he said.
She looked at him, shivering. ‘Am I also the first Faemir you’ve seen without a weapon in her hand?’
Cluric nodded.
‘Then I don’t see why you’re so surprised.’
‘You said you were attacked by something worse than grale and Dusk-rats,’ said Cluric. ‘What is it that terrifies you so much?’
The Watcher closed her eyes as if she was trying to ward off a vision, and uttered a single word: ‘Wraiths.’

Dirk Strasser has won multiple Australian Publisher Association Awards and a Ditmar for Best Professional Achievement. His short story, “The Doppelgänger Effect”, appeared in the World Fantasy Award-winning anthology, Dreaming Down Under. His fiction has been translated into a number of languages. His acclaimed fantasy trilogy, The Books of Ascension – Zenith, Equinox and Eclipse – has been published in English (Pan Macmillan / Momentum) and German (Heyne). A collection of his short stories, Stories of the Sand, will be published in November. His most recent short story publications have been “The Mandelbrot Bet” in the Tor anthology Carbide Tipped Pens, “At Dawn’s Speed” in Dimension6 #2, and “2084” in the international anthology The World to Come. He founded the Aurealis Awards and has co-published and co-edited Aurealis magazine over 20 years.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

RELEASE DAY - No One Gets Out Alive by Mindy Larson **GIVEAWAY**

Title: No One Gets Out Alive
Series: Pre-Earth #3
Author: Mindy Larson
Publisher: Lavish Publishing
 Release Date: January 27, 2015


While Dominic Morris is struggling to exist in the afterlife, Hope and Sebastian Wilkes live out their 'happily after' on Pre-Earth. With a baby on the way life for them is nearly perfect. But when Hope's father, Oliver Luck, is tempted to reconnect with his soul mate, Phoenix, he threatens to take Hope down with him.

Drowning in sorrow and thinking he's getting a second chance to help Phoenix, Dominic follows her to The Other Place.

The place no one wants to go.

Will Dominic help Phoenix escape The Other Place? And more importantly, will he be able to leave himself?

One thousand years later, Hadley Christensen is back on Earth, but as Hayden Caldwell. With the help of her deceased fiancé, Luke, and her handsome doctor, Dexter Martin, Hayden considers what to believe.

Hayden has a choice.

A choice to believe or to stay blissfully unaware.

Will she follow a path of no return and challenge The Masters once and for all? Or will she succumb to staying in the dark and remain closer to her happily ever after.

Links to Buy


Also Available



Author Bio

Born in Provo, Utah in 1977, Mindy Larson is the oldest of four children and the only daughter. This Morning I Woke Up Dead is her first published novel. She lives happily ever after in Southeast Idaho with her four children, and the love of her life. When she isn't writing she can be found traveling, running, baking, cooking, or chasing after her kids, cats, and dog.

Author Links


Sunday, 25 January 2015

REVIEW - The Revealed by Jessica Hickam

Thank you to Spark Press for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

So in a world already saturated with young adult dystopian novels will The Revealed be able to hold its own, will it have a different spin on this genre that will keep the reader entertained?

Well I'm glad to say it does, It is a dystopian but the way the world building has been done it is not a dark ruined world that our main character lives in.

Lily is a teen living in what was Washington DC, the daughter of an influential man, she lives very a very influential life but her every move is monitored by her father's security and at the start of this book she finds herself in his bad books after stealing his car, now he is not just annoyed that his favourite wheels have been nicked, he is annoyed that his daughter is putting herself in danger by leaving their compound.

Lily is 18 and is this brand new world a new threat has come to light, The Revealed a sinister group who have been kidnapping 18 year olds across the world, nobody knows who they are or where they came from but one they have you in their sights there is no getting away from them and Lily is very much in their sights.

Despite being in a supposedly secure area Lily has been receiving notes letting her know that The Revealed are coming for her, she is scared but feels defeated and decides that she wants to do as much as possible before she is taken.

One night they do come, during an important party, they arrive without warning, they are different they can control the elements, making things cold, creating fire at the click of the fingers, thankfully they don't take Lily but they do leave her and her family shaken.

Can she keep safe? Will The Revealed pass her by once she turns 19?

Unfortunately she doesn't get that far, the worst happens and she is taken.  But she finds that what she thought she knew about The Revealed is wrong, things are very different and their agenda make not be as sinister as she once thought.

So what happens next, well you know what I'm going to say, get yourself a copy!!  It is a dystopian but like I said above it is not a totally grey and dark world Lily lives in and The Revealed well they reminded me of the characters from the tv series Heroes, I found them incredibly sinister with their notes and stealthiness to begin with, though they did grow on me!

A good read and the first in a new series, I'm looking forward to seeing what is going to happen in this world.

Awarded 4 out of 5

Friday, 23 January 2015

COVER REVEAL - Gentle Chains by Nazarea Andrews

Gentle Chains Ebook-2

Today we are revealing the cover for GENTLE CHAINS by Nazarea Andrews. This is a new adult title and it will be released in March. Click the link below to read the first 6 chapters!

 You can sign up to review GENTLE CHAINS early by filling out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Z1cHTvhGMhvyp5efKobxMpu8qThkFCxOtzHx7oDNUSQ/viewform?usp=send_form


When slavers steal Juhan and his twin sister Chosi from their home planet of psychics, their only comfort is in the fact that they’re together. When they are separated at auction, Juhan swears to find his sister, no matter the cost. Juhan is bought by the spoiled daughter of a political scion. Caught in her glittering world of intrigue and politics, Juhan is startled to find Sadi playing a long game to change intergalactic politics and Juhan is merely a pawn in her game. But as his vow and Sadi's lies takes them across galaxies, he begins to wonder if his young owner is more than an arrogant rich girl. And he has to consider the cost of his promise—especially when people they both care for begin to die. A galaxy away, Chosi is sold into blood sport. With her psychic ability, she earns a precarious position of value within the gladiator school, training the draken—wild creatures of smoke and fire—for the arena. In the midst of that hell, she forges a friendship with the slave Jemes and the draken she cares for. But when her defiance comes with devastating results, Chosi contemplates suicide as an escape from her chains. Yet, she can't forget the brother who promised to find her, and even as she welcomes the risk of death, she clings to that promise. Spun across space and exotic worlds, Juhan and Chosi try to find each other, and home in a stunning story about the lengths love will take you.  


Read the first 6 chapters of GENTLE CHAINS

Pre-Order GENTLE CHAINS on Amazon



I wake up slowly, and lift my head. The quiet hum is comforting and familiar--I’m on the Leen. “Where is Sadi?” I murmur, shifting to stand. “Galley,” the ship answers promptly, and I stagger to the door. “Ill-advised. I will inform Sadi of your status.” “Disregard. I’m fine,” I answer, and the ship subsides, with a minute rumble of systems that makes me think it’s disgruntled. I find Sadi slumped at the table, cradling a mug of warm chocolate, fatigue pulling her eyes closed. Tin stirs something on the hotsurface, the smell of spice and cream and vegetables thick in the air. I watch them, testing the surface of their emotions before I clear my throat. Sadi glances blearily at me, and then nudges a chair out with a loud screech. I sink down and we sit silently for a long time before she asks, hoarsely, “Want some? Chocolate can make anything better.” I take the proffered cup, recognizing it for the peace offering it is. “How’s that working for you?” I ask before taking a sip. Liquid, velvet heat fills my mouth, slides down my throat. It tastes like a memory, and I struggle to see past a vision of Chosi and a thousand mornings, sitting at the table with her and a cup of chocolate. I force the memory away, focusing on Sadi. Sadi shrugs and gives me a weak smile. “Not terribly well.” I touch her psyche again, feeling the conflict, disgust and desperation. Her eyes are impossibly young when they find mine. “How does this happen? There are thousands injured--we didn’t even make a dent today. And that says nothing of the dead. And no one cares. Because they’re whores,” she finishes bitterly. She almost snatches the chocolate from me, burying her nose in the cup. “What are the estimates on the dead?” “Thirty thousand, in Centari alone,” Tin answers. He ladles out soup and hands steaming bowls around. “Ninety percent of the dead were slaves.” Sadi glares. “That doesn’t make the deaths acceptable.” “No one said it did, Sadi,” he says mildly and nudges her spoon. She stares at it and then takes a tiny bite. As soon as she swallows, her eyes widen and she bolts from the table. Tin drops his spoon with a curse and moves to go after her. “Let me,” I say, standing and following her. She’s leaning over the commode, tears streaming down her face. I let my mind go, touching along her psyche, a flutter of moth wings. It’s so broken, shattered into so many pieces it stuns me. How can she appear so together when she is completely broken? -Sadi?- -How can we expect to make a difference?- she whispers. -It’s so much and we are so small, and no one cares--no one is even here. The IPS will gladly let their world burn.- -They care,- I say, uselessly. She twists to glare at me. -Don’t you dare lie for them. Don’t you dare. They look the other way while your entire world is raped of its people. While your sister is Taken and branded and sold. They use slaves. So don’t you dare lie for them. They don’t deserve it.- I push aside the truth in her words, the rush of anger that she’s one of the slave owners she’s denouncing, and crouch next to her, brushing hair over her ears and murmuring, “We’ll make a difference because you can’t help it, Sadi. You change things.” As I say it, I realize how true my words are. She has changed me.


AUTHOR INFORMATION: Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog.

  AUTHOR LINKS: You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Booktropolous

Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/MtHwj    

Thursday, 22 January 2015

REVIEW - To The Edge Of Shadow by Joanne Graham

Thank you to Legend Press for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

Sarah Phillips wakes up one day and finds life is no longer the same, her family have been killed in a tragic accident and everything she knows is gone, you see it is not just her father and sister she has lost, she has woken up in hospital with severe amnesia.  

At the young age of thirteen she has to start again, to create new memories whilst dealing with an occasional flashback of her old ones.  Thankfully she has one relative left, her fathers baby sister, her Aunt Leah.  

Still in her twenties, Leah becomes a mixture of mum, sister and best friend to Sarah, helping her cope when she is sent home from hospital, you really feel for Leah, she is still young and to suddenly have to look after a thirteen year old girl, never mind one who has just been in a fatal accident is not going to be easy but she helps Sarah start to recover, gently helping her explore her surroundings.

Sarah is still incredibly wary of everything, she suffers horrendous flashback nightmares and she feels the need to count her steps constantly.  Thankfully Leah is incredibly patient and eventually Sarah is able to go back to school.

Now the first part of the book deals with young Sarah when you least expect it the book moves forward six years and you meet older Sarah, still without her memories and still incredibly fragile but trying to make her way in the world, Leah is running her own flower shop and has her niece working for her, they are barely living but you get the feeling the are both aware they could be holding the other back.

Sarah has a great friend in her old school chum Alex but you get the feeling she is still very much alone, little does she know she isn't.  

We meet a new POV, a young woman who has been watching Sarah, watching her every move, manipulating Sarah without her knowledge, slowly but surely getting closer to Sarah, where is this heading, what does she have planned for her?

Well you will need to read it for yourself,  This new development adds such an amazing sinister element to this already vastly enjoyable read,  This novel ticks all my boxes, strong characters, gripping story and a sense of menace to mix it all up, beautifully written it deserves to be devoured in one sitting!

Great book and I award it 5 out of 5

Thursday, 15 January 2015

BLOG TOUR - Hydro by A C Waltower **GIVEAWAY**

Hydro (Aurelia Series, #1) by A.C. Waltower 
Release Date: December 2014 
Sci-Fi/Young Adult

 Summary from Goodreads: 

The year is 2091. 75 years ago, a nuclear war desolated Earth. The top 2% of the world fled to Hydro, a compound on the Moon. The rest of the population were left trying to survive on a barren Earth.

Seventeen-year-old Blake lives on Earth with his dad and little brother. When Blake’s father is given the grave sentence of terminal cancer, Blake decides to save his dad by sneaking onto Hydro and making a deal with Hydro’s council. In exchange for them saving his dad, he will give them the answer to everyone’s problem; the location of a new habitable planet. 

The unexpected and unannounced arrival of Blake leaves many citizens with mixed feelings, none more confusing than those of sixteen-year-old Ziva. The more she learns about Blake and where he comes from, the more she learns that not everything she is being told about the situation on Earth in true, including those told by her beloved grandfather. 

Why has he been lying to her? And more importantly what is he hiding from her? 


I do love a good post-apoc and I'm always excited to read any new ones that appear on my dystopian radar.  Hydro recently appeared on said radar and it was a really enjoyable read.

It's set towards the end of this century, a nuclear war has decimated Earth, the population that was not killed by the blasts is struggling to survive but a lucky few managed to escape look down upon the once thriving planet from the safety of a compound on the moon called Hydro.

Hydro is very much the perfect utopia, everyone lives longer and are much healthier than their counterparts on Earth but there are some things that they just cannot do.

All of the food for Hydro is still grown on Earth in giant greenhouses which the survivors frequently try to get in to, the population of Hydro really do take their lives for granted until the arrival of a stowaway on a ship from Earth, a young man has arrived on Hydro and his name is Blake.

Blake has come from Earth to try and make a deal with the Hydro council in return for revealing the location of a new planet which could solve all their problems, a planet which could be the new home for both the residents of Hydro and Earth he wants their help to help save his father who has a terminal illness.

But he has a lot in his way, starting with the Commander of Earth who views Blake as a criminal and doesn't trust him at all, the feeling is very mutual with Blake hating him in return.  Blake finds himself in the company of teens his age and through them he finds that the plan is to return to Earth, they have been told that work is currently under way to make it habitable again for them.  He tells them that this is not the case and as far as he can see nothing is changing, the question is why are they being lied to?

One of the teens that Blake has befriended is Ziva who is the Commander's granddaughter, she wants to know why he has been lying to her and decides to help Blake in his mission to get to the bottom of what is being hidden from the residents of Earth and Hydro.

This is a great young adult read, it reads very nicely and has plenty of plot to keep you interested.  The characters do come across as a little young in parts but they are sixteen and seventeen so they are young!  I do like they idea of a compound on the moon and the world building of Hydro was very well done.

I'm you enjoy your young adult novels with a good dose of dystopia then you will enjoy this.

Awarded 4 out of 5

I was given a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review

 Buy Links: 

About the Author 

My name is AC and I am an aspiring writer. I've always had a passion for writing, but find it difficult to write while juggling long hours at my day job. I, also, had to get the courage to publish my work, but this has always been a dream of mine. 

Author Links: 


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

BLOG TOUR - Origin of Angels by Christie Rich


Today I am hosting a stop on the blog tour for 
Origin of Angels, Book One in the Elemental Legacy series by Christie Rich. 

This is a New Adult Fantasy. This review tour runs from January 12th till 16th.

Check out the tour page for the full schedule.

About the book:

Origin of Angels by Christie Rich

A man searches for the woman he loves. A woman fights to survive.

As the first male Elemental, Travis is a wanted man. Women fawn all over him, both fae and Elemental alike, but he only has one female on is mind—the woman who captured his heart when he was sure he’d lost it. Travis is not only determined to find her, he’s willing to go through his meddling sister, Ralya, to do it. He doesn’t care if she’s queen of the fae, if war is brewing, or if there is a price on his head. He needs to find his mystery woman before it’s too late—before he loses her to the Order or worse, to the evil Valen, who has made a bargain of his own to win back his kingdom.

Emily will do anything it takes to save her son from the Order, no matter the cost. Her heart yearns for the man who gifted her the only joy she has in her dreary world, yet the odds she will ever see Travis again are slim to none. Emily has a single desire: to raise her child. Love is beyond her reach, or so she thinks. As evil draws near, Emily must guard her heart or lose her soul to the fae who wants her to fulfill his wicked purposes.

Will Travis find Emily before she gives up, or will she fall into the hands of his enemy and be forever out of his reach? In this gripping sequel to Elemental Enmity, the stakes for control of Earth have been raised. Evil has taken hold of the mortal realm and won’t relinquish it easily. The forces of Elemental and fae must unite against the dark court if they have any chance at all of overcoming the gloom overtaking the human realm.

 Amazon | Goodreads | Amazon UK


So the cover actually grabbed me before I even knew what this book was about, I think it is very eye-catching or should I say easy on the eye! 

Now I haven't read any of Christie's books before but this was a really good read and she has a whole other Elemental series called Elemental Enmity which I will be adding to my reading list too!

Origin of Angels introduces us to Travis, a male elemental, the only male elemental, and he is very much in demand from his female counterparts both fae and elementals but an encounter with a mysterious unforgettable woman many years before has stayed very much in his mind.  The woman in question has vanished and he wants very much to find her.

Travis is determined in his quest but there are a few other things that get in the way such as his sister Ralya who is the queen of the Fae sticking her nose in where it's not wanted and the possibility of an impending war.

Now I think if I read the Elemental Enmity series I would have had a better idea of how the land lies but not to matter as this is a great read from the first word to the last, it is the perfect young adult read with a great mix of characters and world building that will keep you gripped all the way through.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from this series and I'll definitely be going back to read the other series!

Awarded 4 out of 5

I was sent a copy in exchange for an honest review

Christie Rich
About the author:

I grew up daydreaming about fairytales, and my love for discovering new worlds has never died. I am not one of those writers who always knew I would write. I thought that was what other people did until one day, a few years ago, I took a challenge from a friend and typed my first words. My journey has been wonderful, and I cannot imagine a day where I would ever give up writing. My love for reading is what fueled my imagination in the first place and still does. When I am not writing or reading, I enjoy family time with my husband and two children. My family and I live in a quiet community in Northern Utah, and I am so thankful for the rich life I have been blessed with.

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads  

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