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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

BOOK BLITZ - Louder Than Words by Iris St Clair **GIVEAWAY**

Louder Than Words
Release Date: 09/16/14
Swoon Romance

Summary from Goodreads:
Disappointment has been on speed dial in Ellen Grayson's life lately. Her dad died, her mom numbs the grief with drugs and alcohol, and her so-called friends have slowly abandoned her. 

Trusting a popular teacher with her troubles should have been safe and should NOT have led to an unwelcome seduction attempt that made her desperate to escape the final moments of Junior year. Lesson learned. Best to keep all the sordid details to herself and trust no one.

Enter Rex Jacobi, a cocky boy, recently transplanted from New York City and fellow summer camp employee. Though his quick wit and confidence draws her in, she can't let him get too close. And summer is just long enough and hot enough to keep a boy like that at arm's length.

But by the time Rex's charm wears down her resistance, it's too late. He's put Ellen on the "just friends" shelf and has shifted his romantic attentions to the impossibly annoying and perky anti-Ellen. Even worse, the teacher who tried to get her to sleep with him is still at it, preying on other girls while Ellen struggles to come to terms with what happened.

With her ability to trust as shaky as a chastity vow on prom night, Ellen must decide if she has enough remaining courage to speak up about the well-liked teacher and risk retribution, tell Rex how she really feels about him and risk heartbreak, or hold all her secrets inside. After all, it's the only safe place she knows when the only thing louder than words is the fear of being rejected.

Get your copy:


"Ellen!" Rex calls my name but I ignore him. "Ellen!" He draws up beside me. "I'm sorry. I got a little carried away. I'm sorry." From the corner of my eye I see him push back a swath of hair from his eyes. "Shit. That's all I seem to be doing, is apologizing to you."

My feet stop moving and I whirl to face him. "Why did you do that?"

His face is pinched, eyes droop at the corners. "Because I thought you wanted to. I thought you … ” He pushes his hair back again, even though it still lies in cowed submission. “You were so close, and when you looked at me with those eyes—”

So, it’s my fault?” I throw up my hands with an exasperated cry and keep walking.

"No. No, that’s not what I’m trying to say. It was just … I misunderstood, and I’m sorry. Wait, wait. Let me apologize better." His voice almost sounds sincere … almost … enough to make me halt.

"I promise I won't come on to you again. I won't touch you, make suggestive remarks or, or do anything else—like other stuff I can't think of now—that's inappropriate. I'm sorry. I guess maybe I misunderstood because … never mind. I have a big mouth and I’m impulsive sometimes. What can I say? I’m Italian." He shrugs and buries his hands in his pockets. Like that excuses it—a faulty impulse control switch and Latin genes he can blame whenever he’s called out.

I cross my arms and cock my head. "Why should I believe you? Cause it was that bad? Back there?” I can’t look at him anymore, wish I had just nodded at his apology and dropped it. My face blazes, and all I want to do is run away from him, to the ladies room, to splash cold water on my cheeks and wash away the awkward memory and my even more awkward reaction. I need to shut up, shut up, shut up.

"What?" He chuckles and the sound echoes through the hallway. "Is that what you … aww, hell no." He raises his hands, palms out. "That is so not what I meant." He moves a little closer, and glances around as if to make sure we're unobserved. In a hushed voice, he says, "The kiss was fantastic, amazing, fabuloso, but I shouldn’t have done it. I promise, I swear even, I won’t do it again. I’ll never try to kiss you or touch you … unless you ask me, of course." He shifts to face me. “I am a man of my word. You can trust me.” His smile fades. “Please trust me. Alright?"

About the Author
Iris St. Clair is the pen name for a long-suffering cubicle worker by day, a Walter Mitty-like dreamer by night. (Her alter ego Tatiana Ivanadance also choreographs gravity-defying routines in those fantasies, but that's another bio.)
No matter what genre she writes, she prefers witty, insecure heroines and kind, persistent heroes able to break through to the gooey heart inside.
In high school she was voted most likely to win at Monopoly and Clue, but least likely to throw a ball anywhere near a target. Thank goodness writing requires less hand-eye coordination, punctuation errors notwithstanding.

Iris believes in the two-year "fish or cut bait" dating rule and has a 20+ year marriage and two teenaged sons as proof of concept. She lives, writes, dreams and dances in the rainy Portland, OR area.

Author Links:
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Monday, 15 September 2014

REVIEW - The Robot Chronicles: An Anthology of Science Fiction

Thank you to the wonderful Ann Christy for kindly providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

I knew I wanted to read this as soon as I caught wind of it, Hugh Howey, Ann Christy, Jason Gurley to name a few excellent writers whose work I have enjoyed, The Robot Chronicles is a wonderful anthology of tales about our future metallic overlords and how these author's picture them in our society.

As a fan of Arnie's very first Terminator film the thought of having robots in my future scares me, I know that out there just now are robots being created by scientists to carry out many different tasks but having read this book, the thought of a robot thinking independently and starting to make decisions for itself petrifies me, my idea of a robot would be something like K-9 in Doctor Who, charming and helpful and he is a dog, a dog who doesn't need picked up after or fed!

I remember going to Universal Studios in Orlando years ago with my husband and going to the Terminator show, sitting in the audience watching it unfold I inwardly freaked out as a grinning face appeared beside my seat along with the rest of the exo-skeleton, most of the robots in these stories are designed to looked human and in one stories case I actually thought to begin with that the robot was the human, its actions were so scarily like us.

Anyway I digress, the stories in this anthology range from humorous as a robot struggles to understand his masters carnal needs to the caretaker on a space station watching the world get nuked with just her computer for company.

Here is a quick look at the stories-

Hugh Howey's Glitch
In which a competitive fighting robot develops a glitch, it goes against its programming, The engineers hope and fear that his glitch is an amazing breakthrough

A K Meek's The Invariable Man
Micah has a talent for fixing broken tech, living in the Boneyard surrounded by tech following the Machine Wars, a relic comes to his attention, one he wants to fix, is it a good idea?

Edward W Robertson's Baby Your Body's My Bass
Alex and his "companion" Bill, as they grow up together they form a band but as they gain fame and fortune, Bill decides he wants a life of his own.

Nina Croft's Ethical Override
The year 2072 and robotic stewards are in place in the some of the most important jobs, Homicide Detective Vicky Harper is called to a case of apparent suicide of a council member who control the stewards, is it suicide?

Patrice Fitzgerald's I Dream of PIA
Fresh out the box PIA's owner Jeff is happy with his new AI, she meets his every need, making sure everything goes well. Her understanding of Jeff's need leads to an awkward encounter for him.

W.J.Davies Empathy for Andrew
The Centre for Robotic Research does it quality assurance extremely well, their latest model may have finally achieved true artificial intelligence but before it can be certified it needs to be trialled both emotionally and psychologically, how will it coped tested to it limits?

David Adams Imperfect
Set on Belthas IV, thousands of artificial slaves are manufactured each week, all the same, all set to serve, to never question or betray, but one is different than the others....

Ann Christy's PePr Inc
Busy people with busy lives, the solution? the perfect companion created to understand your needs and wishes, but how human is too human?

Jason Gurley's The Caretaker
Alice is a caretaker aboard space station Argus, keeping home whilst the astronauts are away, alone above Earth making sure everything runs like clockwork. Watching the Earth from her lonely orbit she sees it slowly burst in to fire, one explosion after another.

Samuel Peralta's Humanity
Alan Mathieson heads home on an icy highway, a collision course in these extreme conditions will test his humanity.

Endi Webb's Adopted
A son and his father are being hunted by robots, they are cornered in a police station, they don't know who to trust, humans look like robots and robots look like humans, the boy is about to learn some horrible things.

Matther Mather's Shimmer
Dr Hal Granger is a leading authority on AI's , his lifes work is Shimmer an AI who can actually feel but what she feels is not what Granger expects.

Deirdre Gould's System Failure
Bezel is an AI robot in the vault, a combination of seed bank and zoo designed to withstand an apocalypse, its a fail safe but after a global strike it becomes a necessity, however when Bezel is rebooted he finds things have gone wrong.

The great thing about these sort of stories is that a lot can be based in fact but you can tell the author is having a whale of a time filling out the rest with their wonderful imagination. There is a story here for everyone, there is a lot of technical jargon being bandied about but whether you understand it or not it does in no means affect your enjoyment of this anthology.

A great read and it also gives you a lot to ponder over, will our future be full of robotic servants with mankind the masters,? or will the robots rise up and rule us? or will none of this happen but hey that's why we have imaginations so lets have fun imagining having a robot butler!

Robot Chronicles is awarded 5 out of 5

BLOG TOUR - Age of Iron by Angus Watson

Welcome to my blog tour stop for 
Angus Watson's epic novel Age of Iron


Legends aren’t born. They’re forged.

Dug Sealskinner is a down-on-his-luck mercenary travelling south to join up with King Zadar’s army. But he keeps rescuing the wrong people. 

First, Spring, a child he finds scavenging on the battlefield, and then Lowa, one of Zadar’s most fearsome warriors, who’s vowed revenge on the king for her sister’s execution. 

Now Dug’s on the wrong side of that thousands-strong army he hoped to join and worse, Zadar has bloodthirsty druid magic on his side. All Dug has is his war hammer, one rescued child and one unpredictable, highly trained warrior with a lust for revenge that’s going to get them all killed . . . 

It's a glorious day to die.

Now the comparisons with the epic Game of Thrones really had me curious about this novel however whereas Game of Thrones is firmly in the realm of fantasy, Age of Iron explores Britain during the year 61 BC (yes you read that right B C), a time when life was rough and an invading army can quite easily come along a chop your head off and burn your fort down with only a couple of minutes warning.

This book, well I expected it to be an extremely serious look at the life of our anti-hero Dug Sealskinner a forty something mercenary for hire who is looking for work with the sociopathic evil maniac that is King Zadar, however this book to my utter joy is written with a tongue in cheek.

The art of war and revenge is serious stuff but Dug has seen it all and he is not going to let little girls and a revenge driven iron maiden get in his way of an easy life in Zadar's army, or is he?

The Age of Iron is written in such an engaging way, the characters have no heirs and graces, they fight and bicker, love and swear (badger's bollocks) their way through this truly brilliant story, its a sizeable tome so I won't give you a blow by blow account but as mentioned Dug is on his way to try and join Zadar's ranks but he has been roped in to helping protect a small town, this does not go well and he scarpers, on his escape he encounters a young girl Spring, he is not a fan of having companions but soon he is her father figure and further along he meets Lowa, ex of Zadar's army, ex because he wants to kill her having already killed her colleagues, he is out for her blood and she will be damned if he gets it as she is going to get him first.

To a lesser extent we also Ragnall whose town was destroyed by Zadar's forces and his beloved taken for slavery, he also wants blood and as the story continues he meets up with Dug and his ladies and they team up to take out Zadar and his army.

I know I keep harping on about it but the way its written is brilliant, a bickering druid and his wife could almost be having their argument in your local shop, the story keeps you hooked all the way through, you almost forget this is happening thousands of years ago.  As the book progresses we find out more about these brilliant characters, their quirks and how they live and love, Spring is my favourite character she is such a young girl but she has a lot of those aforementioned badger's bollocks!

The ending is sufficiently blood thirsty, to be honest there is a lot of the red stuff spilled, and it lines it up perfectly for the next book Clash of Iron, Dug's story is brilliant, epic and feels very real.

I am so glad I read this book, it was nothing like I expected and such an amazing surprise, Angus has set the world up nicely, I can almost see this on TV like the aforementioned GOT, my one downside with this book is there is no map!! All good epic tales have maps!!  Besides that its well worth a read!

Age of Iron is awarded 5 out of 5

Thank you to Orbit for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

REVIEW - The Doomsday Kids: Nester's Mistake by Karyn Langhorne Folan

I was kindly provided with a copy in exchange for an honest review by Karyn Langhorne Folan

I was really looking forward to this book!, Liam's Promise, the first instalment in this exciting series was an great read and it started with a bang, literally, Washington DC is taken out by a nuke and the world goes to hell.

Our young characters had one heck of a culture shock going from a world of things they take for granted such as food and hygiene as well as being able to call up everything they need on the Internet.

They escape from the city heading towards a promised safe haven but their route was fraught with danger but at the end of Liam's Promise they made it to the safe haven of Liam's fathers cabin but they didn't find the welcome they were expecting.

Nester's Mistake takes off straight away, the group finally get in to the cabin but have they all made it? Regardless they are in a bad shape, Liam is in a bad way and a couple of the others are showing signs of radiation poisoning, after travelling all this way has it all been in vain?

The newcomers in the cabin are Katie and Marty, needless to say being a group of young people they are all really suspicious of one another but they eventually start to work together but as the snow starts falling the group realises they are going to be there for a while, they relax a little with one of them taking the word a little too literally.

Nester as the healthiest out of the lot of them is pretty much group leader but he is having is own problems, his late brother Nate is appearing to him ,taunting him, he feels he is slowly going mad.

As this book progresses you begin to see that even though the explosions in D.C. only happened a short time ago these kids have adapted so quickly to their new environment and the harsh realities that it brings, its a dog eat dog world and the discovery of others in their small part of the world leads to some unpleasant scenes.

Teenagers at the end of the world is by no means a new idea but what I love about this series is it feels real, it is so nice to have a mixed bag of kids, for example the boys are are not all the stereotypical white muscly jock, and in this books case, the jock is in a very bad way.

Nester's Mistake is a great read, I actually enjoyed it more than the first one and I really enjoyed it, the teenagers act like teenagers, they are bolshy, grumpy, scared and totally less spoilt and high maintenance than before the bomb dropped.

Karyn has done a fantastic job creating the world around them and the isolated cabin was a perfect setting for putting these kids right out of their comfort zones.  

This is a great series and if you like any sort of dystopia / apocalyptic books then this will be perfect for you.

Nester's Mistake is awarded 5 out 5

BLOG TOUR - The Lover's Game by J C Reed **GIVEAWAY**

The Lover's Game

by J.C. Reed
Genre: Mature New Adult/ Adult Contemporary Romance
Recommended for ages 18 and up.

When love is a game...

After having her heart broken, Brooke tries to rebuild her life and closes herself off from the one man she loved deeply. When she meets Grayson, a photographer, she has no idea that her new boss will offer her more than she bargained for. The pay is great, her new friends more than welcoming and everything seems to be running well…until everyone insists she find herself a new suitor during a night out.

Jett knows how to play games. He is used to getting attention from everyone except the beautiful dark haired woman who doesn’t like to be fooled with and doesn’t trust him as far as she can spit. He wants Brooke but, more than that, he wants to own her, and the only way to get her is to make her owe him…against her will.

And what Jett owns, Jett keeps forever


Find the The Lover's Game on Goodreads:
No Exceptions #2 (No Exceptions, #2)

1x Signed paperback copy of THE LOVER'S GAME
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About J.C. REED
J.C. Reed is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of SURRENDER YOUR LOVE series. She writes steamy contemporary fiction with a touch of mystery. When she's not typing away on her keyboard, forgetting the world around her, she dreams of returning to the beautiful mountains of Wyoming. You can also find her chatting on Facebook with her readers or spending time with her two children. 
Connect with Author
Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

Other Books: in the No Exceptions series:
 The Lover's Secret (Book 1) is available now:  Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ iTunes~Goodreads
 The Lover's Game (Book 2) is available now: Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ iTunes Kobo 
Worldwide, print and ebook

Friday, 12 September 2014

REVIEW - Tro by S T Bende

Welcome to my review for S.T.Bende's Tro, the final book in phenomenal Elsker series

Read my thoughts and also read an excerpt!!

Sometimes you just have to believe.

Finding her destiny nearly cost her everything. Kristia knows she can handle whatever The Fates throw at her next—including her long-awaited honeymoon with the God of Winter. But as things heat up between Kristia and Ull, a frost settles over Asgard. An unexpected death marks the beginning of the end, much earlier than anyone expected. Kristia’s barely begun to understand what she’s capable of, and controlling her powers seems completely out of her grasp. With her new family fighting for their lives, and Ull fighting for their future, Kristia has to make a devastating choice: preserve the life she loves, or protect the god she can’t live without?

Thank you to ST Bende for providing me with an advance copy

The Elsker Saga has been an incredible read and the improvement in my Norwegian has been immense!

Kristia and Ull's journey is nearing it's end, will they have a happy ending or will Asgard fall and those they love be lost?

Before anything happens though they need to have their honeymoon, at the end of the last book Kristia became Mrs Myhr (breaking thousand of fan girl hearts in the process) and Ull has one hell of a romantic honeymoon lined up, which I will let you read about for yourself!

Kristia is still learning how to deal with her powers and her visions are becoming more frequent, the evil elf is still showing up and in this book his true identity is revealed and as a fan of that person in another series I was like "why does he have to be sooo bad when he is so damn handsome in that other series" (that's my clue see if you can work that out!!) but of course he is meant to be bad.

Tro is a very satisfying read, the characters as always are brilliantly written and the seamless changing between Midgard and Asgard is again just perfect.  The Elsker Saga has all the hallmarks of a great series for me, a fantastic plot, engaging characters and great settings, plus it doesn't always take itself to seriously and of course it does help your Norwegian too!

The climax of this Tro was excellent and the glimpse in to their future thanks to Elsker spilling her secrets was much appreciated!, plus I forgot to say we find out a little bit more about Kristia's family history which comes in handy when a beloved character is taken ill.

So if you have enjoyed the previous books in the series, you will love Tro!

Awarded 5 out of 5


What do you want to know?” Ull lowered his sunglasses lazily and eyed me with a look that made my insides burn.
Well.” I paused. “Uh , . . What am I supposed to do if I’m attacked?”
You mean if this happened?” Ull launched himself off the chaise, wrapping one arm around my waist and dragging me across the beach. He cradled me in his arms and landed in the froth where the ocean met the shore.
See? I’m totally defenseless.” I gazed up at him, my back pressed firmly against the wet sand. He hovered, supporting his weight on his forearms.
I am afraid you are.” Piercing blue eyes locked in on mine. Between the depth of his stare and the heat from his abs, I forgot everything else.
Um . . .” I bit my bottom lip.
Ull tilted his head to one side, a small smile playing on his mouth. “Now what did you want to know?”
A wave washed over us. The warm saltwater lapped up to my waist then retreated, leaving a film of sand over my legs.
You were asking me how to defend yourself?” Dangit, it was hard to focus with Ull’s dripping body pressed against mine. Yes, I wanted whatever it was I’d asked about. Self-defense. Right. But there was something else I wanted more.
I bent my knee and twined my calf around Ull’s. I shifted my hips just an inch and stared into those endless eyes. They sparkled in the sunlight. My arms were trapped beneath his torso, so I turned my palms upward to touch the spot where his chest met his shoulders. It was so smooth, so firm, and so very, very warm.
My eyes never left his as I moved my thumb along the line of his shoulder, over his bicep, and down to the crook of his arm. I drew a slow circle inside his elbow and Ull blinked.
Kristia,” he whispered.
Yes?” I tried to reach up to stroke the stubble lining his square chin, but my arms were pinned.
You are not trying to defend yourself.”
So?” I raised my head and kissed his jaw. “Maybe I don’t feel like fighting you off.”
Mmm.” Ull closed his eyes as I kissed my way up to his ear. “So if someone came after you, you would just let them do this?”
He swiftly rolled onto his back, forcing me on top of him. He shoved his fingers in my hair and tugged gently, pulling my head back. He kept the other hand just above the bottom of my bikini, firmly pressing my hips into his. I squirmed against the hold, trying to find a way out of his grip. Though I tactically had the upper hand, I couldn’t move.
Well, I wouldn’t let just anyone do this.”
I should hope not,” he growled softly. He raked his teeth along my throat and paused at the hollow of my neck. “Because if I ever caught wind of someone doing this to my girl, it would end very badly for them.” He ran his tongue along my collarbone. I shivered.
In a lightning-quick move, Ull flipped me onto my back and pinned my arms above my head with one hand. I gazed adoringly at the fierce assassin glowering over me. “And this. What would you do if someone did this to you?”
Uh.” I blinked. If I told Ull what I really wanted to do right now, I’d turn every possible shade of crimson.
Focus, Kristia.” Ull stared at me. “What would you do if you were trapped?”
I . . . uh . . . I’d . . .” My cheeks felt hotter than a grizzly in a desert. “You seriously want me to fight you off?”
If you are so bent on going through with this little exercise, then yes. Give it your best shot. And then, I believe, you promised to pay me for the lesson.”
Gladly.” I narrowed my eyes and wrenched my arm as hard as I could. It didn’t budge. I tried again but it was futile.
You are outmaneuvered and I am twice your weight. Try something else,” Ull commanded.
I threw my shoulder into his chest and tried to roll to one side.
You cannot out-force me. Look at the difference in our masses. Think tactically, Kristia. What can you do that will debilitate me?”
My eyes widened. “You don’t want me to
I want you to find a way to get me off you. Do what you have to do.”
I closed my eyes and raised a knee to his groin. Ull groaned and rolled off me.
I’m so sorry! You said to
He raised a hand and waved at me, turning away.
I’m sorry,” I repeated.
That was good.” He rolled back with a grimace. “But if someone is bent on capturing you, they will come back for more. And quickly. Your next step should be to run.”
If you want I can get some ice for
Run, darling.” It was a threat. “Now.”
I jumped to my feet and took off down the beach. I ran just shy of the shoreline, where I was less likely to be slowed down by soft sand. The water lapped at my heels as I built up speed, pushing off the balls of my feet. A warm breeze caressed my bare skin and every cell in my body buzzed as if someone had turned on a light switch. Movement came so easily now.
Something hot hit me from behind, and I felt Ull’s arms curl protectively around me as he tackled me. We landed just inside the surf again, and this time the wave crashed over our heads. I sputtered as the water covered my face, wishing I’d had time to hold my breath. The saltwater burned my nose.
Ull was on top of me again, and this time he wasn’t hovering. The full weight of his body pressed me into the sand. His legs were tangled up in mine, and his hands cradled the back of my head.
You did not run fast enough, sweetheart.”

Author Social Media Links: 

Before finding domestic bliss in suburbia, ST Bende lived in Manhattan Beach (became overly fond of Peet’s Coffee) and Europe… where she became overly fond of McVities cookies. Her love of Scandinavian culture and a very patient Norwegian teacher inspired the books of The Elsker Saga. She hopes her characters make you smile and that one day, pastries will be considered a health food.

Find ST on Twitter @stbende, her blog, or send her an e-mail. While you're at it, introduce yourself to @UllMyhr -- when he's not saving the cosmos from dark elves, he loves meeting new friends . . . especially the human kind.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

REVIEW - Mousetrapped by Catherine Ryan Howard

Bought by me!

Mousetrapped is another re-read for me on the blog today, why? Well in several weeks time I will be squeezing myself in to a uncomfortable seat for nineish hours, strapped inside a metal tube and crossing the pond to my happy place - Orlando, Florida. 

When it gets a few weeks out from my holiday I go through several emotions, the first is usually terror as I have a love/hate relationship with flying plus I'm always scared that I've forgotten to book something important such as the hotel or the flight!  My second emotion is joy which comes usually after I have given my terrified self a slap, with the joy comes the need to read all about Florida, a couple of years back I read Mousetrapped to get me in the holiday mood and this year I found myself reaching for it again.

Now I love all things Disney, this will make you either scream with pain or pleasure depending on which side you fall on, but since having kids Disney is just amazing, it truly is the stuff (expensive stuff) of what dreams are made off, I have often wondered about behind the scenes, what makes Disney run like clockwork and from my experience its the Cast Members that truly make it.

Catherine Ryan Howard travelled to Disney in 2006 to start her epic career at Disney World in Orlando following a shortlived spell at Uni, her childhood dream of working with very deadly viruses on the back boiler, she secured a position on reception at one of the huge hotels in the Disney area and began her immersion in to the Disney and American way of life.

Starting at Disney did come with a few minor pitfalls, the waiting on social security numbers and the sharing an apartment with less than perfect room mates but once the initial "horrors" are over and Catherine begins to enjoy her stay her experiences are brilliant.

This memoir covers her exploring the area, discovering that being on foot is looked at with horror, following that her learning to drive and the fun that goes with that.  Travelling to the parks, especially the Kennedy Space Centre just made me long to be back there.

Mouestrapped is a great book, it shows Disney in a truly different light , the hotel she worked at, which for the purposes of this book is called the Duck and Tuna ( WDW regulars should be able to work this one out, in my case I'm staying at the Beast Country Chalet (see if you can figure that out)) is truly huge and when her journey takes her from behind the reception desk to the bowels of housekeeping again you see a totally different side of my happy place.

Mousetrapped is a good read and if you love Orlando and Florida as much as I do you should love it.

Awarded 4 out of 5