Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Sunday Post - #2 - 31st May 2015

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted here @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

I'm gonna recap my week and give you an idea of what I have coming up plus anything else newsworthy!

Alas not a very exciting week! Have been incredibly busy at work and at home incredibly busy with the kids homework!

My oldest (8) is learning about the Titanic, she asked if we could go and visit it! I told her that might be a little difficult.  

My youngest (6) is learning all about Edinburgh and keep me on my toes with random questions about our Capital!

Plus even worse both of them are getting health education now which is leading to some awkward questions.

I can't believe it is June tomorrow but before it rolls in here is what I did last week!

A bit quieter this week but I do hope to do some reviews on a couple of days!



I have received physical and e-copies of some fab books this week, thank you to all the publishers for sending them! Let me know if you have read any of them!

Great books from Legend Press by Tara Guha and Jane Isaac

Happy Sunday!

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Saturday, 30 May 2015

BLOG TOUR - Life's A Beach And Then.... by Julia Roberts

Banner by Gina Dickerson:
Welcome to my blog tour stop for Life's A Beach and Then by Julia Roberts!
Read more below including an exclusive excerpt! Enjoy!

Holly Wilson has landed a dream job but there is one proviso… she must keep it secret, and that means telling lies. Holly hates telling lies.

Her latest assignment has brought her to the paradise island of Mauritius where she meets a British couple, Robert and Rosemary, who share a tragic secret of their own.

The moment they introduce Holly to handsome writer, Philippe, she begins to fall in love, something she hasn’t allowed herself to do for twenty years.

But Philippe has not been completely honest either and when Holly stumbles across the truth, she feels totally betrayed.

Read an excerpt!

Robert cradled his wine glass in his hand and swirled the red liquid around gently to warm it. He smiled as he thought about the unnecessary action, after all the early evening temperature was still in the late twenties and would warm his Chateau Neuf du Pape without any intervention from him. A shiver trembled through his body as he looked at the deep red of the wine. It reminded him of blood and there had been so much blood over the last two years. He shook his head to try and clear morbid thoughts, then lifted his gaze to admire the beautiful sunset. It was one of his and his wife Rosemary’s favourite things to do. He thought briefly about waking her but decided instead to deal with her annoyance at missing nature’s awesome display later. He breathed in the warm air scented with frangipani. The decision to come to Mauritius had been the right one, even though it was against the advice of the doctors. The break would do them both good in preparation for the tough road that lay ahead.

Following the launch of her first book, Julia needed a well-deserved break and booked a holiday to Mauritius. Her children, now adults, had bought her a notebook with words on the cover that read Hold on people… I’m having an Idea. On the first morning of her holiday, Julia had just that – the idea for her first novel.

Over the course of the ten days she was in Mauritius, she scribbled copious notes, thoughts and ideas. When she arrived home, she started writing.

Life’s a Beach is part one of the Liberty Sands trilogy. Julia has already started writing book two, If He Really Loved Me… , which she hopes to finish in the Autumn.

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Friday, 29 May 2015

COVER REVEAL - Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn

Forget Tomorrow
Release Date: 11/03/15
Entangled Teen

Summary from Goodreads:
Imagine a world where your destiny has already been your future self. 

It's Callie’s seventeenth birthday and, like everyone else, she's eagerly awaiting her vision―a memory sent back in time to sculpt each citizen into the person they're meant to be. A world-class swimmer. A renowned scientist. 

Or in Callie's case, a criminal. 

In her vision, she sees herself murdering her gifted younger sister. Before she can process what it means, Callie is arrested and placed in Limbo―a hellish prison for those destined to break the law. With the help of her childhood crush, Logan, a boy she hasn’t spoken to in five years, she escapes. 

But on the run from her future, as well as the government, Callie sets in motion a chain of events that she hopes will change her fate. If not, she must figure out how to protect her sister from the biggest threat of all—Callie,herself.

Pre-Order Links:

About the Author

When my first-grade teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I replied, “An author.” Although I have pursued other interests over the years, this dream has never wavered.
I graduated from Harvard University, magna cum laude, with an A.B. in English Literature and Language. I received my J.D. at Yale Law School, where I was an editor of the YALE LAW JOURNAL. I published an article in the YALE LAW JOURNAL, entitled, “How Judges Overrule: Speech Act Theory and the Doctrine of Stare Decisis,” and received the Barry S. Kaplan Prize for best paper in Law and Literature.
I am represented by literary agent Beth Miller of Writers House. I'm a 2012 Golden Heart® finalist and a 2014 double-finalist. I'm a member of Romance Writers of AmericaWashington Romance WritersYARWA, and The Golden Network.

I live with my husband and children in Maryland.

Author Links:
 photo iconwebsite-32x32_zps1f477f69.png  photo icongoodreads32_zps60f83491.png  photo icontwitter-32x32_zpsae13e2b2.png  photo iconfacebook-32x32_zps64a79d4a.png

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REVIEW - Catch Me If You Cannes Part 4 by Lisa Dickenson

Thank you to Little Brown for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

I'm really sad today, it is my last day in Cannes with Lisa and if I had access to some teary eyed emoticons they would be all over this page like a rash!

My review will be brief (I'm too teary to type much!), part four ties up all the questions that have been brewing during the last three parts about Bryony and Jess's trip to Cannes, questions such as.......

Will Bryony get her work published by The Times?
Will Jess and Bryony's tiny little white lies catch up with them?
What are Leo and Harvey up to?
Does Jess really know how to steer a yacht?
Is it actually Leo's yacht in the first place?
What on earth did Jess's parents get up to before she was born?
Will the girls get a happy ending?

Not to worry reader, Lisa makes sure no ends are left undone, but one question I would like to ask is does the Nutella crepe shop exist?, it would be good to know before I book my ticket!

CMIYC has been a great girly read, both funny and romantic it is the perfect summer read for when you are lying on the beach or sitting in your garden pretending you are!

I'm going to miss my Fridays in Cannes, where will Lisa take us too next?

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

TWO FOR THURSDAY - This Week Elizabeth Holloway and Ashelyn Drake ***GIVEWAY***


Hello and welcome to this week’s Two for Thursday Book Blitz #T4T
presented by Month9books/Tantrum Books!

Today, we will be showcasing two titles that may tickle your fancy,
and we’ll share what readers have to say about these titles!
You just might find your next read!
This week, #T4T presents to you:
Call Me Grim by Elizabeth Holloway and
Into the Fire by Ashelyn Drake
Be sure to enter the giveaway found at the end of the post!

Call Me Grim
The truck should have turned Libbi Piper into a Libbi Pancake—and it would have, too, if Aaron hadn't shown up and saved her life. The problem? Aaron's the local Grim Reaper . . . and he only saved Libbi's life because he needs someone to take over his job. Now, Libbi has two days to choose between dying like she was supposed to, or living a lonely life as Death Incarnate. Talk about a rock and a hard place. And the choice goes from hard to sucktastic when her best friend shows up marked: condemned as a future murderer. Libbi could have an extra week to stop the murder and fix the mark . . . but only if she accepts Aaron's job as Reaper, trapping herself in her crappy town forever, invisible and inaudible to everyone except the newly dead. But, if she refuses? Her best friend is headed straight for Hell.
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Call Me Grim is humor, brilliance and a success altogether.” – Paula, Her Book Thoughts

“Okay, just the story line over all was GENIUS. I have NEVER EVER read a book like this before. It was just so original and plain awesome. MEGA props to the author. I'm still grinning from what I've read.”Rachelann, Goodreads Reviewer

“Call Me Grim is one of those books that you do not want to put down. At the same time there is something about it that makes you just want to savor it - you want to know what is going to happen next but at the same time you do not want it to end.” – Mike, Goodreads Reviewer


Elizabeth Holloway
Elizabeth Holloway is a maternity nurse living in Southern Pennsylvania with her two teen children and their pets, Bam-bam the dog and Tinkerbell the cat. In addition to nursing and writing, she’s also an avid reader, an artist, a karaoke singer, a music lover, and a kick-ass Pictionary player. Her debut YA novel, CALL ME GRIM, will be released from Month9Books in Fall 2014.

Author Links:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Into the Fire
Seventeen-year-old Cara Tillman’s life is a perfectly normal one until Logan Schmidt moves to Ashlan Falls. Cara is inexplicably drawn to him, but she’s not exactly complaining. Logan’s like no boy she’s ever met, and he brings out a side of Cara that she isn’t used to. As the two get closer, everything is nearly perfect, and Cara looks forward to the future.
But Cara isn’t a normal girl. She’s a member of a small group of people descended from the mythical phoenix bird, and her time is running out. Rebirth is nearing, which means she’ll forget her life up to this point—she’ll forget Logan and everything they mean to one another.. But that may be the least of Cara’s problems.
A phoenix hunter is on the loose, and he’s determined to put an end to the lives of people like Cara and her family, once and for all.
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“You witness a major loss to the main character that does not involve a death, and also fully understand just what is about to face the main character. It was such a hook for me and I just had to find out what would happen next.”Maria, The Paisley Reade

“I love finding series about unique paranormals, and Ashelyn Drake did a really good job with this one.”Michelle, Book Briefs

“Kelly Hashway aka Ashelyn Drake has created an impeccable story surrounded around mythology, romance, family and deceit.” Nay Denise, Nays Pink Bookshelf

Kelly Hashway
Ashelyn Drake is a New Adult and Young Adult romance author. While it’s rare for her not to have either a book in hand or her fingers flying across a laptop, she also enjoys spending time with her family. She believes you are never too old to enjoy a good swing set and there’s never a bad time for some dark chocolate. She is represented by Sarah Negovetich of Corvisiero Literary Agency.
Author Links:  Website | Twitter Facebook | Goodreads

Complete the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win!


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BLOG TOUR - The Ruin of the World by Nazarea Andrews ***GIVEAWAY***

Welcome to my blog tour stop for The Ruin of the World, book four in Nazarea Andrew's awesome dystopian World Without End series.

Read a special Top 10 post from Nazarea and enter the giveaway to win some amazing swag!

When the zombies rose, we thought the world ended.

It didn’t—it just broke, in a way we couldn’t fix. And we found ways to continue, reasons to fight. 

Faith. Family. Politics. Obsession. The most dangerous of all—hope. 

But when all of that is stripped away, and nothing remains but rage and betrayal—that is the true end of the world. 

Return to the World Without End, for a final battle for hope and survival in the exciting conclusion to Nazarea Andrews’ phenomenal series.

Amazon Link: 
Barnes & Noble Link:

Nazarea's Top 10 Favorite Things About the World Without End

As the series ends, I'm going to look at my favorite bits and pieces of the series.

10. The origin. It took me a long time to figure out how the virus became a thing, and I love how it took shape. Finn is an emotionally stunted joker, so the apocalypse growing out of an emotional response inhibitor is especially ironic.

9. The Order. I love the Order. Their twisted and fanatically and terrifying and perfect for the world they inhabit.

8. The backstory. Nurrin started this twenty years into the end of the world. There is so. Much. Backstory. More than I could share here.

7. Collin. I loved Collin. I loved how he was the balance for both Finn and Ren. I loved how understated he was.

6. The absence of hope. I'm a romance writer. HEA is intrinsic in my job description. For a few books, I got to ignore that and rip apart the world. And that was a lot of fun.

5. Finn. Finn made this series for me. I never knew what he was going to do. (Lissel surprised me too, you guys) I spent most of this series hoping he wouldn't shoot an important character. But I loved how simple he was, because when you strip him down (*smirks*) he'd pretty straight forward.

4. Ren. She grew up in this series. More than most of my characters. And I loved watching that.

3. The ending. No spoilers. But I love it.

2. The zombies. Because duh.

1. The romance. Because omg. Everyone needs something to live for. And really, what else is there?

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Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog.

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