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THE HALLOWEEN INTERVIEW - Patrick W Marsh - Author of the Greenland Diaries

So I hope you are all having a great Halloween!

I have for you today an interview with the author of the series that has scared me to death this year.

The author is Patrick W Marsh and the series - The Greenland Diaries.

Greenland Diaries, Patrick W Marsh
Patrick W Marsh

Hi Patrick! Thanks for being on the blog today and for being my Halloween guest!  I'd also like to thank you for scaring me to death with the amazing Greenland Diaries!

For my readers not familiar with your work, can you tell them a little about yourself and your books?

Thank you for having me on your Random Redheaded Ramblings. I'm ecstatic that you liked my books so much and really appreciate the support. 

I write dark fantasy and horror, and have been published primarily in these genres, but I've also published some nonfiction and poetry. Though I tend to write in the popular and sometimes saturated genres, I tend to write my novels based on nonfiction events and emotions from personal life, and use symbolism through horror and fantasy to represent things I've been through. One immediate example with my most popular series the Greenland Diaries is my lifelong battle with depression being represented by the nightly drum that appears every evening that summons the Unnamed. What scares me are monsters, but only if they mean something metaphorically and emotionally to both characters and narrators. All my books and stories have monsters in them, but the morals the characters use to interact with these abominations are what interest me. I can write monsters, and they allow me to be honest, which I strive to do in all my writing and books.

How did the Greenland Diaries come to light?

The Greenland Diaries came to light in a few different ways. The Unnamed and the drum have always been around me and my monsters for the last ten years. I invented them a long time ago and they never worked in a story until now. The journal entry style started as a simplistic blog I would write on BlogSpot in the effort to practice past-tense writing. My family and friends supported me at first, but soon the views crossed into the tens of thousands and I decided to make it into a book series. I always wanted to write a series that would end the apocalyptic genre, that would consume it and drown out the noise of zombies and mutants. I like civilization, and I want it to be around, I'm hoping to scare people into believing in the human species, and not imagining it falling into rot. The Greenland Diaries is littered with personal references to my life in Robbinsdale, Minneapolis, and Saint Paul, in fact you could take a reality tour if you wanted to. Every place I write about in the book series is 100 percent real and I have been.

As a dog lover, why the heck did you put Snowy in the books!!! I was so scared she was going to die at any point!

I love dogs myself. I have dogs as well. Snowy is a representation of my late dog Millie, who was also a light brown mini dachshund. She got me through a lot of stuff, and I think regardless of the dog's shape and size you can always find solace in man's best friend. In the Greenland Diaries, much of that is based on me, so I thought including her would only be right. I also wanted to put a dog in that would be "useless" in an apocalyptic setting. She's not some fiery German Shepard, but a small delicate dog with a curious disposition. She almost represents innocence in this heinous environment. Dogs are a nice flare in the night that kindred exists out there, and I wanted to honor Millie and what she meant to me.

The monsters really are the stuff of nightmares but they became extremely real to me when I saw this picture on your Instagram feed, did this picture inspire your writing?

My writing inspired me to find pictures similar to what I was thinking, if that makes any sense. The abstract and distant are always more terrifying to me than the concrete and gory. When you can't actually tell what's happening, like in this photo, and fear dictates every bodily function, then you're actually in a nightmare. Gravity and theory are thrown aside, and this happens in the Greenland Diaries. You're completely at the mercy of the narrator, and his ability to face the Unnamed, which increases as the story goes on. I'm proud of my monsters. The Unnamed not only are distant but concrete, but they are also driven by the need to reproduce, and piece humans together through pieces of flesh and plant. The need to reproduce and the problem solving abilities of the Unnamed are human qualities, which terrify me completely. I'll take a brainless beast over a shadow that listens to the walls any day.

How long has writing been a part of your life?

My entire life. It is the only way I can honestly express myself without considering others. I find myself diluted by everyday interactions with human beings. I can't tell whether or not I'm saying something to them to appease their view of me, or if it's for myself. Writing eliminates that paradox. Monsters are representations of my physical and emotional damage. They dwarf the monotony of daily life, but are still a part of it like the main character from the Greenland Diaries. I've not written, and any time I haven't I'm a huge asshole and tend to act out. Like water to fish, like air to breathe.

How do you manage to maintain a happy work/life/family/writing balance?

It's nearly impossible with the amount of projects I'm doing. Recently, I've had to axe my literary magazine Calamities Press because I don't have the time or money to keep it going. I have two new born twin boys as well, and I was just recently married. I write the Greenland Diaries everyday by hand, but I would like to expand the universe into a prequel and side stories, especially as I write the third book. I want to reward the awesome audience that has supported me by fully rounding out the story. Granted, I have other stories I want to write too besides the Greenland Diaries, but here and now, this is the time for this tale.

The end of the world is everywhere just now, why do you think people are fascinated with the world's demise?

I think people are bored and dishonest about how unhappy they are, and that's why they're okay with the world ending. They think scavenging for food and water instead of buying it from a store would be adventurous. It's not. It can be a novelty once in a while like camping, but it's just a glimmer of the primal. We romanticize the destruction of the world, but we freak out without WiFi. I'm scaring people away from the genre with reflections of my own damage. I like the conveniences of the modern world. I don't want them to go anywhere.

Will we hear more from The Greenland Diaries?

Overall, I plan to write the Greenland Diaries in six books, which will equal 365 days in the narrator's world. I changed my life drastically in one year, as is happening to him. In the next book, or the third book I'm writing, he will finally encounter the character who will lead him to Duluth, where the drum happens to be. The narrator is changing along with the environment. The Unnamed will not stay the same either, and will evolve to be more effective. There will also be some information about what is actually happening in the story, though it will be small. The Reanimated will be featured as well, along with puddles.

Do you have any other books in the pipeline?

I'm working on a prequel to the Greenland Diaries, but I'm not sure how I'll do it, I just want to. I've kicked around some ideas, but they've kicked back, which means they're not ready yet. I might have a collection of short stories released again, but we'll see. I have some other stories planned for the future, I just want to get there.

How do you deal with negative reviews?

Negative reviews are great in a way because that means people are at least reading the books. It lets you know you have an audience. Granted, good reviews make you feel like the whole world loves you, but just one negative review makes you think the internet hates you. There is no perfect equation for this stuff, but it feels like their should be. We have so much science now, but what hits a person's interest and what builds an audience is still a rare thing.

What books have been a big influence on you?

Books that have influenced me are sort of across the board. Calvin and Hobbes, Of Mice and Men, Grendel, the Hobbit, Ender's Game, Robotech, Irish Fairy Tales, Robert Frost's Poetry, Wallace Steven's Poetry, and many more. I'm sort of a hodgepodge of influences, but Grendel is a big one since it showed me what fantasy, fiction and horror could be.

What are you reading just now?

Right now I'm reading a collection of Kafka's short stories, with an introduction by John Updike. I think short stories will become very popular with the new audience of readers who have short attention spans. Kafka had some crisis of the human existence dictating his behavior. I like that.

Finally, what book should everyone read in their life?

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Shows the true nature of loneliness, compassion, and what people need to survive, which is simply someone who cares about them without question.

A big thank you to Patrick for his fantastic interview, you can find out more about his work at his webpage


REVIEW TOUR - Spectacle by S J Pierce

Hey and welcome to my review stop on the 
Spectacle tour by S J Pierce!

Read my review and there is a giveaway below 
where you can  a copy of this great novel!

Spectacle by S.J. Pierce 
Publication date: July 13th 2015
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult


Hunger Games meets Avatar in this spellbinding new Young Adult, Science-Fiction novel by bestselling author Susan James Pierce.

Two hundred years after the Great Disaster, the day earthquakes ravaged Earth’s landscapes, humanity has finally regrouped and is working toward a better future. But in New America – one of three remaining landmasses – the threat of overpopulation makes a better future seem bleaker by the year.

Mira (Mirabella) Foster and her parents are citizens of New America, and with the threat of starvation and disease looming on the horizon, a new discovery threatens to push everyone to the brink of chaos: blue markings develop on people’s skin. Markings that allow them to camouflage their skin, but also make them feared, and eventually, targets of violence.

Mira’s dad is one of them.

So I really enjoyed Spectacle, it has a dystopian setting and like the tag line above says it does have hints of Avatar (blue, lots of blue!).

Set in a future where the world has been ravaged by earthquakes changing the landscape for the worse, Mira lives with her parents on what is left of the USA.

We first meet her as a young child during a time when her life changes for the worst.  The discovery that her family, more specifically her father is not what he seems.  

He is far from human, he is of alien descent and Mira discovers that he is covered in blue markings that will easily identify him from everyone else.  He is a changer.

Not to spoil the story for you, due to events in the book involving her father, Mira ends up banished to island along with others like her who have been descended from the aliens.  They are kept away from the human population, they are a threat.

Mira, we meet again as a teen still on the island, most of the residents live like it is the dark ages.  Mira still has one foot in her old life, where others are now wearing animal skins she still wears normal clothes.

The story progresses with Mira getting the opportunity to prove the innocence of her father, how, well I won't spoil it for you but the government of New America are not known for their kindly nature and Mira is going to have a hell of a time clearing her fathers name.

This is a really enjoyable novel, dystopia of course is everywhere just now and a novel in this genre really needs to stand out from the masses out there.  Spectacle does a good job with a interesting plot, characters you can root for and wonderful descriptions of those blue markings!  Well worth a read!

Thank you to Xpresso tours for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Susan James Pierce has a degree in Marketing Management, works for a Fortune 500 company in Atlanta, Georgia, and devotes her precious, spare time to writing Fantasy, Paranormal and Sci-fi novels. 

Please visit and sign up for her mailing list or subscribe to her blog if you'd like to hear when new books come out! Coming soon:

Iris (Novella: The Captivated Series) Available now!!!

Fight for Me (Book Two: The Captivated Series)



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Revealed! Sunniva Dee's Upcoming Novel - WALKING HEARTBREAK!

Walking Heartbreak
Sunniva Dee
Publication date: December 17th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Suspense
Don’t judge me.
I am not what you see.
I am the opposite.
—Nadia’s lipstick note on Bo’s mirror.

Indie-rocker Bo Lindgren is worshiped for his looks and musical genius. It’s been lonely at the top since his ex left. Bo will never take a girlfriend again though, because he doesn’t have the chops to love. He knows he’s poison, a heartbreak waiting to happen for anyone he allows too close—like his ex. Bo screws his way through the fangirls until he’s sick of it all. Until the dark gaze of Nadia Vidal appears in the door to his dressing room.
Saved from an arranged marriage by Jude, the love of her life, Nadia eloped and got married at nineteen. But now, two years later, life is wilted, dead, and not what anyone should have to endure.
Nadia, with her secret-keeper eyes and instant understanding of who Bo is, attracts and fascinates him without even trying. The ring gleaming on her finger should keep them apart, but morals can’t always resist destiny.
When brokenhearted meets heartbreaker, whose heart is really at stake?
WH God I love you teaser

Walking Heartbreak Full

Author Bio:

Sunniva was born in Norway, the Land of The Midnight Sun, but spent her early twenties making the world her playground. Southern Europe: Spain, Italy, Greece—Argentina: Buenos Aires, in particular. The United States finally kept her interest, and after half a decade in California, she now lounges in the beautiful city of Savannah. Sunniva has a Master's degree in Spanish, which she taught until she settled in as an adviser at an art college in the South.

Sunniva writes New Adult fiction with soul. Sometimes it's with a paranormal twist, like in Shattering Halos, Stargazer, and Cat Love. At other times, it's contemporary, as in Pandora Wild Child, Leon's Way, Adrenaline Crush, and now Walking Heartbreak.

Sunniva is the happiest when her characters take over, let their emotions run off with them, shaping her stories in ways she never foresaw. She loves bad-boys and good-boys run amok, and like in real life, her goal is to keep you on your toes until the end of each story.


$50 gift card and e-books giveaway: Sunniva Dee has a Rafflecopter up that will run through OCTOBER 31st. For a chance at winning a $50 gift card and e-books, go to:
Signed paperback giveaway: Goodreads runs a signed paperback giveaway for Walking Heartbreak and will pick two winners on December 15th, two days before its release. The giveaway is open internationally. To enter, go to:

Facebook release party with fun and giveaways raised with Sunniva and a few of her author friends. The party runs December 17th between 7 pm EST and 10 pm EST. Join asap and you will receive a reminder when the time comes:

Release party authors: the list will be updated with more writers, but for now, these are attending with giveaways ++ : Addison Moore, Alessandra Torre, Angela Mc Pherson, Beth Michele, Cheryl McIntyre, D Nichole King, Kristin Vayden, Laura Thalassa, Lynn Vroman, Penelope Ward, SC Stephens, and Sunniva Dee.

Newsletter sign-up: to make sure you’re the first in the know when a Sunniva Dee release or a sale begins, sign up for her non-spammy newsletter here:

Walking Heartbreak 3D stacks
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Beyond the Books - My Anti-Bucket List


Beyond the Blog is a weekly meme hosted by KissinBlueKaren where she throws out a topic (mostly non-bookish), and we blog about it!

This week - The ANTI BUCKET LIST!!

This is a list of stuff I hope to never, ever, ever, want to do, ever!!


I have been stopped for many years, do not want to relapse!  I am sure if I hadn't started smoking at an early age I may have grown taller!!!


No officer it wasn't me, it will never be me!!  

I f***ing love bloody swearing, I have a potty mouth, it is staying that way!  Some say swearing shows a lack of vocabulary, I say that is a load of b******s!

No danger,  life is too short to sweat in unflattering lycra!  I'd rather walk the dog!

We me and the family go on our hols we usually have to cross the Atlantic, for some reason there is always a shit load of turbulent air near America, this troubles me.  Especially when you are trying to relax and the plane drops from beneath you.  NEVER AGAIN PLEASE!

Of course there are other more sensible things that I hope never happen but for now this is me!

What do you hope you never, ever experience?

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Waiting on Wednesday - Oblivion by Jennifer L Armentrout

Waiting on Wednesday 
is a meme hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that everyone’s talking about!

The hotly-anticipated follow-up to New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout's megaselling Lux series, written from the point of view of Daemon Black.

I knew the moment Katy Swartz moved in next door, there was going to be trouble. Lots of it. 
And trouble's the last thing I need, since I'm not exactly from around here. My people arrived on Earth from Lux, a planet thirteen billion light years away. Plus, if there's one thing I know, it's that humans can't be trusted. We scare them. We can do things they only dream about, and honestly, we make them look weak as hell. 'Cuz they are.

But Kat is getting to me in ways no one else has, and I can't stop myself from wanting her - or wanting to use my powers to protect her. She makes me weak, and I'm the strongest of our kind, tasked with protecting us all. So this one simple girl...she can mean the end for us. Because the Luxen have an even bigger enemy - the Arum, and I need to stay on my game.

Falling for Katy - a human - won't just place her in danger. It could get us all killed, and that's one thing I'll never let happen...

Re-live the thrilling, pulse-pounding action and epic romance of Daemon and Katy's story all over again.
So I haven't actually finished reading the Lux series.  I am three books in and it is an awesome read.  To read it from a different POV, in this case Daemons gets me excited!!!

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BIZARRE BOOKS #6 - Everything I Know About Women by Roger Welsch

Whilst looking through the many, many, many books on Amazon I discovered some hidden gems, books that maybe have been overshadowed and have not had the credit they deserve.

They may be a little bizarre, they may be unintentionally funny or they may just be a total WTF!!! book.

This weekly post is a tribute to these hidden gems and to be honest some of them are worth looking at for their reviews alone!

bizarre books, humour, tractors

Roger is back with some more wisdom!

So gents if you are needing some help with the laydeeeez then this will be your bible!

The man is a legend!

What do you think??

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REVIEW - Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

sci fi, review, five stars, illuminae

Title: Illuminae

Author: Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Publisher: Rock the Boat

Release Date: 22nd October 2015

Source: Own Copy
The year is 2575 and two mega-corporations are at war over a planet that’s little more than an ice covered speck. Too bad nobody thought to warn the people living on it. With enemy fire raining down on them Ezra and Kady have to make their escape on the evacuating fleet. But their troubles are just beginning. A deadly plague has broken out on one of the space ships and it is mutating with terrifying results. Their ships protection is seriously flawed. No one will say what is going on. 

As Kady hacks into a tangled web of data to find the truth its clear only one person can help her. Ezra. And the only problem with that is they split up before all this trouble started and she isn’t supposed to be talking to him.

A fantastically original, heart-stopping adventure where everything is definitely more dangerous than it seems.

How the fuck do I review the fucking delight that is Illuminae??

Well I could start by telling you that this book is like nothing I have read, ever.

I could then tell you that it is set in the future, a future which sees a colony of humans mining on a remote planet called Kerenza.

I could tell you that the planet is an illegal mining colony and that it is attacked by a huge mega corporation aka the fucking bad guys.

I could tell you that this is when shit hitteth the fan.

OK enough of talking in sentences, long story short after the attack on Kerenza the survivors of the attack flee the planet taking refuge on three of their spaceships, the Alexander (the big daddy warship), the Hypatia (sleek and shiny science ship) and the Copernicus (big, bulky freighter ship). Illuminae tells the story of two of those survivors Kady Grant and her ex boyfriend Ezra Mason.

They are split up, with Kady ending up with her mother on the Hypatia and Ezra finding his new home on the Alexander.  Their new homes are by no means safe, following the battle on and above Kerenza, they are being pursued by the Lincoln, one of the ships that helped end the colony.

They are fleeing for their lives, trying to outpace the Lincoln and trying to get to a portal to jump to safer space but the course of escape is not going to be easy.  The crew and passengers of the Copernicus start to fall ill, the illness is spreading quickly.

Nobody is saying anything about anything but Kady has an ace up her sleeve, she is a computer whiz and she easily finds out what is going on.  What she finds out, well you can read for yourself but she does need Ezra's help to try and make sense of it all.  The vastness of space is not going to keep them apart.

Illuminae is truly immense, I am not going to tell you anymore about the story because quite frankly I don't want to spoil it for you, what I do what to tell you about is the layout of the book.

I have the paperback copy and it feels gorgeous first of all, inside it is truly a thing of beauty.  This is not a normal book, the story is told through memos, journals, emails, surveillance footage and wonderful pages of artful text.  

This makes for an incredible, all consuming read.  It is really effective, there is a section in which the fighter pilots are out in their planes and the text really makes you feel a sense of urgency, it really is genius.

So much detail has gone in to this book from the schematics of the ships to the blacking out of all those fucking swear words and the scoring out of the unnecessary details in the rookies reports.

This has been one of the most hyped novels I have seen in a long time, hype can mean an end result that is awful, it can be mean an anti climax but Illuminae deserves the hype, it is above and beyond the hype.  It truly does, plus I feel it gives a little nod to some of my favourite sci-fi fandoms most notably Battlestar Galactica.

If you love sci-fi, you MUST read this, if you hate sci-fi, still read this - it has romance, young love, humour, horror, thrills and suspense.  Oh and it made me cry too, be warned.

The worst thing about this book, well that has to be the wait for the next book in the series.

God I loved this book! I think this will be my book of the year by miles.


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The Sunday Post #23 - 25th October 2015

sunday post, book blog, blogger, weekly review

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted here by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

I'm gonna recap my week and give you an idea of what I have coming up plus anything else newsworthy!

How y'all doing, yes I know I am not American but I love using y'all!

In real life not much on Scotland is in full on Autumn mode and the clocks go back this weekend so it gets even darker earlier.  Full on hibernation mode is coming on!

This week we watched Jurassic World which we all loved and I so want a shot in those giant hamster balls things, maybe Universal Studios should make them in to a ride!

Been shopping for Halloween too this week, kids have got their costumes sorted out for a party we are going to on Saturday, I'm not going in a full on costume but I did buy these bad boys to wear. I think they are fun!

Have you all seen the new Star Wars trailer, I am really excited, it just looks amazing and I cannot wait to see it in December!

I had great plans this week to read several books but some of you may be aware a book called Illuminae made its very quiet arrival this week, yes I am being sarcastic!  It has been everywhere and my copy arrived in all its glory at my work on Thursday, I am in love with it and I think it deserved the hype.  It has certainly pushed back a couple of planned reviews!

Hoping you all have happy and healthy weeks!

The Sunday Post

More Bizarre Books!

Review of the sweet Twelve Dates of Christmas by Lisa Dickenson

Blogging during the zombie apocalypse - Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux

Here I am or this where I live on Social Media!

I have received physical and e-copies of some fab books this week, thank you to all the publishers for sending them! Also, some of them are my own purchases, the pics link to Goodreads for you to find out more!






Let me know if you have read any of them!

Happy Sunday!

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