Saturday, 9 April 2016

BEYOND THE BOOKS - Addictions!


Beyond the Blog is a weekly meme hosted by KissinBlueKaren where she throws out a topic (mostly non-bookish), and we blog about it!

This week - Addictions

My main addiction is my family, my kids, my hubby but I do have some dark addictions such as....

Books, an obvious choice but I love them, I have lots of them, I need more of them.

Stationery things, pens, pencils, stickers, I even considered buying one of those cool Hobonichi diaries from Japan.

Handbags, I love a handbag and have several *cough* dozen, I have had to restrict my handbag buying to one a year...well I try to.

Funkos, I love these little dudes and have eight so far with plenty of shelf space for more.

Tech - iPhone, laptop, 3ds, kindle fire...ever since my dad bought me an Atari (remember them) I have loved all techy things and when they break down turn them on and off!

I also am addicted to lip balms, Disney, Hell Bunny cardigans, star printed things, scarves, anything to do with Japan, dystopian apocalyptic zombie stuff, cinnamon, full fat coke, black coffee, jellybeans, perfume, the quest for losing a dress size, zombies run, Instagram and Pinterest.  There may also be a possible new addiction to retro things appearing on my horizon!

So my addictions are few as you can see.

Tell me what is your addiction?


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  1. Books are certainly the obvious choice and I'm very addicted to zombie and apocalypse books. I used to be addicted to chocolate but I don't eat it now, and films but I rarely get time to watch them! I guess I'm addicted to Harry Potter, the reality TV with tough jobs like Deadliest Catch, Masterchef, Robot Wars, cricket, dinosaurs, and toy monkeys!

    1. I wish I could give up chocolate. I love those reality shows especially Gold Rush and Fast and Loud!

  2. I hear you on tech stuff! My other biggie would be coffee. Fun post :)

  3. I too love stationery things! I have been contemplating getting a fountain pen to try out because of all the beautiful color inks they have. You can even get perfumed inks! I am worried though because there are some very pretty pens out there and they are pricey. All I need is an expensive collecting addiction to put my full retirement plans off for a few more years. Hehe. I have a large collection of Bert's Bees lip balms. Oh wait, Harry Potter stuff. I forgot all about that! There isn't much trinkety stuff around anymore, but if I stumble across something I always buy it. :)

    1. I love Burts Bees stuff but I seem to be acquiring lots of the EOS ball lipbalms but they cost tons over here!

  4. As my husband says, there are a lot worse things to be addicted to than books! I'm a fellow bookaholic, of course. Stationary stuff is so tempting but I never seem to use it up, so I'm trying to avoid getting anything until I need it. My other big addiction is yarn. I have more yarn than I'm ever likely to knit, but I love it -- really good yarn, not the acrylic stuff. (The acrylic has its uses, and I'm not knocking it, but I can always find it in the hobby stores so I don't stash it.) Oh, and I've begun quite the tea collection -- decaf teas, red teas, and herbals, because I'm supposed to avoid caffeine. There are some amazing flavored teas out there, and a whole shop full of them in the nearest city.

    1. I love a herbal tea but my need for coffee tends to overrule it!

  5. I love your list! "Full fat coke" lol! I am a bit obsessed with lingerie at the moment, kinda forgot to add that to my list. If I see any dystopian apocalyptic zombie stuff at BEA, I'll be sure to snag it for ya.

    1. I love me some full fat coke, though as I am trying to be good I only allow myself a can at the weekend.


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