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This week - My First Job

I decided when I was I think 13 that I needed more money, I needed things of importance like the latest cassette tape or the latest Doc Martens and they cost ££££££.

Some of my friends and family where already working at a local cafe, I am not going to name it but people who know who read this will know exactly where. I ended up getting a job washing dishes for I think £2.88 an hour, my first shift was 4 hours long and my god was it a shock to the system.

However I grew to love the job, I was working with friends from school and I also met friends from another school that I would later attend.

I worked about 16 hours over the weekend and an occasional evening during the week. I had access to all the chips (as in fries US readers) and coke I could drink. I could sneakily have a cigarette out the back and the icing on the cake was the uniform.

Well there was two uniforms, the first was a gingham blue affair with a frilly apron but then it changed to a blue polo shirt and a utility apron. Both the height of fashion, but being a teenager I would drown myself in Body Shop White Musk perfume not giving a thought to health and hygiene.

I ascended the ranks from humble plate washer I became a waitress, I am not really a people person so it was my idea of hell plus it was a truck stop too and lorry drivers can be course. They are partly responsible for my love of swearing!

I ended up a cook which was excellent fun, cooking fried breakfasts, bacon rolls, scampi, all the usual cafe fair. I would go home smelling of chip fat with bits of food under my nails but I really enjoyed it.

The downside of the job, there was a rota for cleaning, you either got the hoovering or the toilets, the toilets was just horrendous and there was a shower in the gents which exposed me to some truly interesting sights - not people sights, what people leave behind.

I was there for 4 years and in the last 18 months I started my first grown up job and as the money was good from there I decided to give up my job.

I have no regrets about doing it, I earned my own cash, I met new friends and it helped me grow confidence plus there was all those chips!

What was your first job?

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  1. Ha ha fun stuff. I've never worked at a cafe but I imagine with the truck stop you did see some interesting things. My first job was at a vette shop which was great (except for washing a zillion cars) but then I worked at a supermarket through the end of high school/ beginning of college. It kinda sucked but was whatever.

    1. I hate washing cars with a vengeance, my white car is, well not white anymore put it that way!

  2. This is a great post, Heather! I got my first job (after the baby-sitting ones) when I was 14, and I was cleaning offices, and a shop for a plumbing company. It was really hard work, because the plumbers who had been working outside in the rain didn't necessarily take care removing mud from their boots before they went to the cafeteria to have their lunch... It was really nice earning my own money, though. I only stayed there for about a year, after that, I started working as an assistant sales person at H&M. The shops were open later on Thursdays, so I'd go in after school on Thursday and work until closing time, plus I'd work Saturdays, and all my vacations (apart from a couple of weeks when I'd actually go on vacation). I worked there until I finished high school.
    I think having a job made me more aware of the value of money, too. Because I had done something to earn it - and then, what I bought with my money had more value to me as well.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. I would have loved the H & M job especially the staff discount!!! Cleaning after dirty men sucks, I had to do the toilets after male lorry drivers had been in, it was not pleasant.

  3. Sounds like a good job to have! And that's interesting you went from washer to waitress to cook. I enjoy cooking, but I am not sure I would like it as a job.

    My first job was at the bakery of a grocery store and I quite enjoyed it, although the interacting with fellow employees was my least favorite part. It was a bit repetitive and tiring, but overall it wasn't bad as a first job. And I liked being surrounded by bread and other yummy food for most of the day even though we weren't allowed to eat anything. You had to buy things if you wanted it.

    1. I would be far too tempted by the bread! I'd spend all my wages on it!

  4. I actually loved being a waitress. I worked for Denny's at first and then I worked at Friendly's (they are famous for their ice cream). I worked on International Drive in Orlando (think loads of hotels and non-stop tourists). I made really good money and partied a lot with my co-workers. The fun came to a halt when I became pregnant with my now 17 year old. I don't regret my experiences there.
    Thanks for playing along this week!

    1. I visited the Friendly's on I-Drive many years ago, it was alright!

  5. I say everyone needs to do either a stint in food service or sales clerking/cashier, in their youth, so they know how to treat them when they are on the other side. Or Chamber maid, ugh, that was my summer job before my last year of high school, so I get what you mean about what gets left in the shower sometimes. Yikes. I always make sure I tip the maids well. My first job was shoveling horse s#!t at 13 years old to pay for my riding lessons. Ha ha. XD

    1. Yep I always appreciate anybody who serves me as I have been there and know how crappy people can be.


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