Monday, 27 February 2017

I've been watching #2 - Bob's Burgers

Every day, yes every day you can pretty much guarantee an episode of Bob's Burgers is on in my house, you see it was my thing to watch but no my kids decided they wanted to watch it too and they totally adore it.  Since they are kids they can quite happily watch it over and over and over and over again.

I don't mind a bit, you see I love the Belchers, their Funko Pops grace my bookshelf and as from tomorrow (my youngest daughters birthday) a giant poster will grace a bedroom wall.  They are a family and family life is something I can relate too.

Yes, I know they aren't a typical family, they are all a little bonkers but hey who likes normal these day anyway.  Dealing with crushes boys/girls, bonkers landlords, crazy neighbours, naming burgers and puberty, all in a normal days work for any family!

The voices totally make it, my favourites though have to be Megan Mullaly as Linda Belcher's cat loving sister and the wonderful Kristen Schaal as bunny-ears wearing badass, smartmouth Louise.

The songs too, they do occasionally burst in to song and I believe they have an album coming out soon, such delights as the catchy Diarrhoea are going to be on it, trust me it's catchy (huh, an unintentional pun).

Anyway Bobs Burgers is excellent fun to watch, its funny and doesn't take itself to seriously.  I should know I have watched each episode about ten times so far!!

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  1. I love Bob's Burgers! I know I haven't seen all the episodes since I just catch it sometimes when there are reruns at night, but it's so funny.

  2. Fun post! I know OF the show, but I've never actually watched it.



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