Monday, 29 May 2017

I've been watching #5 - Silicon Valley

Ah, I love Silicon Valley, now in its fourth season it just gets better and better.  Not seen it, well get yourself to HBO/Sky Atlantic and check it out.

A collection of lovable geeks, gazillionaires, crazy ass tech company bosses and a whole lots of cabling all set in the computer paradise of Silicon Valley.

Its funny, its smart, its makes me laugh...a lot, Pied Piper is the company it revolves around and the people who work for and along with it.

The actors in it are brilliant especially Thomas Middleditch as Richard Hendricks and TJ Miller as Erlich Bachman, they all gel together so well and the result is hilarious.

HBO has a brilliant tech site devoted to it here.... and my inner geek was so happy to see an app that was "created" by them appearing on the App Store!

Anyway here are some videos...

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  1. I've never seen this...

  2. Oh me and my husband love this show!! I think we are three episodes in on season 4. The actors are great!


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