Monday, 31 July 2017

I've been watching....#7 - Police Academy

Back in the olden days - aka the 80's - every summer I would gleefully visit my local VHS (don't know what a VHS is, ask your parents) rental establishment and rent the latest goofball comedy which for several years was the Police Academy series.

I haven't watched it for years until I saw it pop up on my Sky Cinema golden oldies list and I thought WTF, lets have a walk down memory lane.

It is just a stupid and daft as I remember, in these modern times it probably is extremely un-pc but you know what it reminded me of a time when summers were always sunny and I didn't have a mortgage to pay.

Plus my goodness how young does Kim Cattrall look? 

If you haven't watched it, it is the tale of a group of misfits who end up at the local Police Academy to become the best of the best, or in their case, what was available.  

They are expected to fail miserably and of course it all ends well in the end like all 80's comedy films.  These films always made my summer.

As is the trend with Hollywood at the moment, films are getting remade left, right and centre, I hope they don't attempt this one.

Anyway here are some clips from this comedy "classic"!

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  1. Oh my I haven't seen this in ages! And Kim cattrall... lol. I remember being a kid and going in rental stores... movies everywhere. That was pretty cool... :)

    And some of those 80's movies are VERY un-PC by today's standards!

    1. They are so un-pc but thats how it was back in those days!

  2. I liked the first and fifth films but thought the rest were poor. You have to laugh every time we see the Blue Oyster Club!

    1. The Blue Oyster is so funny! Can I just admit to loving the second film!! I know I know, the third film was ok but I didn't like the ones past that!

  3. Wow! I just went back in time with this post. I remember when these first came out. We watched them all. Fantastic!

    1. Thanks Sam, they bring back a lot of good memories!


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